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Dhow Nature Foods Organic High Circumin Turmeric Powder Packet 100g
Organic Raw High Circumin Turmeric Powder (100g)
Organic Raw High Circumin Turmeric Powder (100g)
Organic Sustainable Turmeric Farmer Tanzania for Dhow Nature Foods
Organic High Circumin Powder Dhow Nature Foods

Dhow Nature Foods

Organic Raw High Circumin Turmeric Powder (100g)

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Why our Turmeric?

Our Turmeric is grown on the highlands of Tanzania, East Africa. It is farmed Sustainably and ethically and due to the unique climatic conditions of the highlands, our Turmeric has >5% Circumin Content, more then double of your on the shelf product. 

Circumin is the active bio-compound in Turmeric

Our Organic certificate complies with American, European, Australian and Japanese standards.

We ensure the Turmeric is processed at ultra-low temperatures within 18 hours of harvest ensuring optimal nutrient retention.

We have the full traceability to farm level so you are 100% Guaranteed that there are no additives, bulk fillers or nasties in our product. Just Pure Goodness!

This Ancient Medicinal Spice will make an immediate impact on your life by helping you

  1. Reducing Inflammation in your body
  2. Boost your Immune System with AntiMicrobial, AntiViral. AntiFungal benefits
  3. Help prevent cancer due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  4. Help lower your cholesterol
  5. Better brain health due to its ability to boost the Brain derived Neutrophic factor hormone thus reducing risk of depression and Alzheimer's disease

Our Turmeric is very easy to use on a daily basis, try to get at least two teaspoons a day into your diet mixing it into your curries or sauces, making calming soothing turmeric latte or tea or adding it to a smoothie.


The uses of Turmeric are numerous from putting it in your curries, making a golden milkshake, adding it into your smoothies or using it as a face mask.