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Organic Ginger (100g)
Organic Ginger (100g)
Organic Ginger (100g)
Organic Ginger (100g)

Dhow Nature Foods

Organic Ginger (100g)

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Our Ginger is grown in the highlands of Tanzania and at our Organic Sustainable farm. It's potency is incredible, you'll realize it the moment you open the packet. 

Ginger is a great product to use in your daily diet as it has numerous health benefits incl.

  1. Reduces risk of Diabetes 
  2. Helps with Menstrual Pain 
  3. It is an Anti-Inflammatory
  4. It can settle an upset stomach
  5. It can prevent heart disease
  6. It is an anti-fungal

It can be used in your cooking, in teas and in smoothies.